Valued Supporters of Daniel Owen

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David Leadbetter Academy

The David Leadbetter Academy and being a graduate of the Leadbetter University has helped shaped me into the person I am today. Both as a player and a coach I take a holistic approach and leave no stone unturned in my pursuit for results!


Mizuno Golf

The best forgers in golf. I couldn't be prouder to team with a brand that I was so strongly associated with in my junior days. Being a Brand Ambassador I have 13 clubs in play, everything except the putter. I'm very excited to play their equipment. Watch this space for 2021 equipment launching soon!

It is true what they say.. nothing feels like a Mizuno!

Foresight Sports

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I'm excited to say that I have joined the Foresights Sports family! To help me with my playing career and my coaching I shall be using the industry leading GC Quad Launch Monitor! Hopefully I shall receive the unit by the end of January 2021!

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Untethered Media helped me produce my brand Logo. Headed by Davin Brown, a personal friend of mine boasts a strong Portfolio demonstrating his awesome skillset as a Graphic Designer. Check out his work and their merch in the link below!