My First Tournaments of 2021 Confirmed!!

Having competed once in the last year I'm so happy to say that I will be back playing once again! Due to travel restrictions I have decided to play on some of the UK's mini tours throughout the summer and the Jamega Tour is one that I'm very fond of!

I've registered for 4 events so far which include:

Druids Heath - April 26th - 27th 2021

The Shire London - May 10th - 11th 2021

Heythrop Park - May 17th - 18th 2021

Royal Ascot May 24th - 25th 2021

This summer I will certainly aim to try to compete as much as possible and hope that this year I'll get the chance to have a stab at European Qualifying School! I'll keep you guys updated on my golf and if you want to follow my progress then go check out the website:

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