My GC Quad Has Arrived!!

Hello Everyone,

I hope this finds you well and that you're taking these new challenges in your stride by making the most of these difficult times. All I know is, for me right now it feels like Christmas all over again!!

I'm excited to announce that my GC Quad Launch Monitor has arrived! Not only will this help me produce content during lockdowns but it will also mean that I can use it to help my players with there own games. I need to thank Foresight Sports Europe and particularly Stuart Archibald for making this dream a reality. As an avid golfer and lover of this sport it is so difficult to contain how exciting this really is for me and my players!

There really is no limits with regards to its uses, from coaching, skills tests, golf course management and custom fitting it really does have it all! An investment which I'm sure will be well worth it!

I have plenty of ideas in terms of content which I will also be sharing on my YouTube channel (DanOwenGolf) but if you guys have anything you would like me to discuss then by all means drop me a line and let me know!



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